From Dean of Students Tony Nowak: Student Health Insurance

August 7, 2013

Nowak,TonycropAs we excitedly await the arrival of your students, we’d like to share with you a communication your students recently received. The mandatory health insurance program all full-time MIAD students have been enrolled in for the past five years will not be renewed this coming year. The reason for the non-renewal is two-fold.

• First, the cost of the program – more than $700 for the coming year – makes it too expensive for a secondary plan.
• Second, because of rising costs and changes precipitated by PPAACA (Obamacare), the vast majority of our students are now enrolled in a major medical plan through their families, making a secondary plan unnecessary.

For most of you, this will come as a relief because you or your student won’t have to pay for a plan they don’t need. For some of you, this news means your student is without insurance for the coming year. Measures have been taken to ensure healthcare for all MIAD students.

All full-time students will be eligible to receive health and counseling services at the Marquette University Student Health & Counseling Centers at no cost to MIAD students. Marquette’s Health & Counseling Centers are able to treat the vast majority of physical and mental health issues likely to be presented by college-age students. For students without major medical coverage, a variety of voluntary options are being made available through Wisconsin Physicians Service (WPS) that can be tailored by the students meet their individual needs. The options available through WPS are outlined in the letter that follows.

If you have questions about the availability of specific services available through Marquette’s Health & Counseling Centers, please contact me via phone or email. If you have questions about the voluntary insurance options available through WPS, please contact Timothy Ottosen at WPS (phone: 608-226-8057; email:



Tony Nowak
Dean of Students

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