From the President to all students

August 15, 2013

Neil Hoffman, PresidentAt MIAD, we pride ourselves on our inquiry-based environment, driven by you with our faculty. As we head toward a new academic year, we welcome all of you, especially our new students, and would like to share news and questions we’ve heard from some of you.

What do people think about my potential? The first internationally renowned creative to visit through the MIAD Creativity Series, Mark Rios, principal of Rios Clementi Hale Studios in Los Angeles, said the following after spending several days engaging with students across many majors:

“I’ve visited many art and design schools around the world and found an atmosphere and confidence at MIAD that are unique…. Students have a clear and well-deserved sense of themselves and their work, and that is a rare thing.”

Who are the next Creativity Series visitors? The MIAD Creativity Series, founded by board chair Madeleine Kelly Lubar and her husband, David Lubar, continues its second year with visiting artists Nicola López and Gandalf Gavan, November 12 – 15. Look for more information in MIAD’s River Rat e-newsletter and your MIAD e-mail account, and save the date for their presentation on November 14, at 6 – 7:30 p.m.

When will the Student Union Building re-open? We are near the end of lengthy negotiations with the insurance company following last year’s fire. Once this process is resolved, we will be able to determine how best to proceed with the Union and will share that news with you. In the meantime, our Student Union thrives in the MIAD Café.

When is the annual Student/Alumni Art & Design Sale and how do I participate? The 2013 Student/Alumni Art & Design Sale is December 5 – 7. All students and alumni are invited to participate. Last year’s event had more than 1,000 works of art and design! Look for information in MIAD’s River Rat and your MIAD e-mail account.

Who can live in MIAD’s new residence hall across the street from our academic building in 2014? The Third Ward is resounding (literally) as MIAD’s new residence hall rises. Be sure to visit the kiosk on the first floor here to view a model of these fully furnished apartment-style suites, because all students are eligible to live in the residence hall in 2014. More information is available at and will be sent to you in time to sign up.

Are there big changes in faculty I should know about? We welcome faculty Dale Shidler as chair of 2D/4D Design, Michael Davidson as Fine Arts Chair and Nicholas Frank as Core Coordinator. Joining with chairs Eric Vogel (3D Design), Courtney Maloney and Debra Ripley (Liberal Studies), and Lynn Tomaszewski (Foundations), they will lead in developing new, enhanced and integrated curricular experiences that will foster your multidisciplinary talents and practice.

What’s MIAD has kicked off a campus-wide fall subscription to, a premiere software library of training, demo videos and more that you can use on your own to learn new skills or brush up on ones you already have. You’ll be hearing more from your faculty and others about how to sign up and use this exciting resource – which also allows you to create profiles, share playlists, access bookmarking and receive certificates.

This year will be filled with news, events and accomplishments for you, the faculty and the college. I look forward to sharing in them and can’t wait to greet you. With best wishes for the rest of the summer,




P.S. I’ve been asked to request that you please check the River Rat e-newsletter and your MIAD e-mail account regularly for information about events, support services and just about everything going on at our college.

It’s also not too early to ask your parents to save the date for MIAD’s Parent/Partner Day, which this year will be December 7. It’s part of MIAD’s Winter Weekend and 2013 Student/Alumni Art & Design Sale December 5 – 7.

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