Sophomores welcomed to pivotal year

September 22, 2013

sophwelcomesmallSophomores from all of MIAD’s majors gathered with faculty and alumni to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the “Sophomore Experience,” ask questions about their majors and focus, and hear advice from successful alumni.

Core Coordinator and faculty Nicholas Frank, who is integral to shaping experiences designed specifically for sophomores, advised students that they are constantly in a period of definition, during which asking questions is critical to realizing the path they will take.

Alumni advised students to:

  • Take advantage of your classes and embrace everything you learn, even things that may seem unrelated to your major, because the knowledge will have value
  • Seek out internship opportunities, including fine art internships
  • Participate in your education – seek feedback from fellow students and instructors
  • Cherish the friendships you will make this year as you enter your major field of study – they will stay with you for life

Participating alumni included Chelsea Atwell ’10 (Communication Design), who had two internships and is today art director at major national advertising firm Laughlin Constable. She described her sophomore experience as shaping where she is today. “I thought there was something interesting about taking fine art and melding it with design, and you can see that in my work today. My senior thesis was a combination of everything that I learned in different areas at MIAD.”

Brooklyn Henke ’09 (Painting) began her studies at MIAD thinking she would major in Illustration, then Drawing and finally Painting. She has a master’s of fine arts degree, teaches at MIAD and has a thriving freelance business. Her works appear in theaters, galleries, warehouses, bars and the Hotel Metro. Henke is also known for having painted the Milwaukee Public Museum’s 125th anniversary mural, which she began during an internship as a MIAD student and continued the summer before her senior year.

Adrian Gilling ’10 (Communication Design), currently with GMR Marketing, was a transfer student who shared that community and communication are essential. “Sophomore year is a great year to define where you want to go.” As he told the students, his second most viewed project on his Behance network is a project he did his sophomore year!

Concerned at first that he didn’t have a job at graduation, Gilling began submitting work to packaging and design websites and zines. The recognition and work he received for doing so included being named by HOW magazine as one of 16 creatives to watch in 2012. He began freelancing, taught at MIAD and is now working at GMR.

Among the many opportunities for sophomores is “It’s a Major Deal,” a juried exhibition of their fall works that runs from January 17 – 31, 2014, and is open during Milwaukee’s Gallery Night. Before that, sophomores are encouraged to join all MIAD students in the Student/Alumni Art & Design Sale, December 5 – 7, where they will also have a chance to interact with and learn from alumni




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