Encourage your student to complete the 2013 Student Satisfaction Survey

October 14, 2013

Mary Schopp smallDuring the week of October 28 – November 1, your student will be asked by his or her professor to take a Student Satisfaction Inventory – a completely confidential electronic survey that asks questions about everything from their course of study to their quality of life at MIAD.

The last SSI was given to students in Fall 2011, the third of our biannual survey. The results provided much to celebrate. At the same time, they identified specific areas where we were able to improve the value and quality of our students’ educational and student life experience.

Some of the changes include:

  • A new Foundations curriculum started in Fall 2010 and significant changes to advanced-level curricula.
  • Programmatic and/or experiential improvements in each of the majors.
  • Improved key educational experiences for students: awareness of the need for more feedback, the quality of critique and increased professional preparation.
  • A better awareness of our students’ perceptions and what they value across their college experience.
  • New program implementation, such as: Sophomore Welcome, Majors Dialogue, RPM Exhibition, It’s a Major Deal, MIAD Define.
  • A new computer system to change our billing statements and merge financial aid and billing information together.
  • Development of electronic advising materials to enhance our academic advising.
  • A new food service program managed by MIAD personnel.
  • A new residence apartment facility at The Park and soon directly across the street.
  • An expanded peer mentor program linked to Orientation.
  • New internal communications through the “River Rat” and regular communications with you as parents and family members.
  • A laptop program for all students to better integrate learning through traditional and digital means.
  • A Creativity Series founded by board chair Madeleine Kelly Lubar and her husband, David Lubar, to bring renowned artists and designers to the MIAD and Milwaukee communities.

To ensure maximum student participation, students complete the SSI during class time – an estimated 20 – 25 minutes. In Fall 2011, we achieved over 70% participation, and greatly value the support parents gave us that year in encouraging their students to complete the survey. With your support, we hope to achieve an equally high response rate this Fall.

The survey is translated into data by Noel-Levitz, who will return the information to us in a series of reports. As we did two years ago, we will carefully review the information we receive from the SSI, and take the time to listen and interpret what our students are saying, including follow-up focus groups. The results will help guide our direction over the next two years.


Mary Schopp, Vice President for Enrollment Management

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