MIAD students and voting in Wisconsin

October 14, 2014

General Election Day is Tuesday, November 4, 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.

MIAD students are able to vote in this upcoming election with the required documents and by registering to vote.

What documents do students need to vote?
One of the following:

  • A valid Wisconsin Driver’s License
  • Wisconsin State ID Card – students can obtain a free WI ID Card at the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • A new MIAD Student ID that includes the student’s signature
    • Go to room R45 to provide your signature during normal business hours throughout the entire month of October. A new ID will be ready in minutes at no cost to the student.

How do students register to vote?

With the documents needed to vote, students can now become a registered voter in the State of Wisconsin. Wisconsin has same-day voter registration, which means students can register when they go to vote on Tuesday, November 4. To register, students must bring a utility bill with their current address. MIAD recommends using a tuition invoice with the student’s local address, which only takes minutes to receive.

  • If needed, students must first change their address with the Registrar’s Office to their local, current address.
  • Request a tuition invoice from the Student Accounts Office. A student’s local address will appear on the invoice, and it only takes a few minutes.

Where do students vote?

Students should go to https://myvote.wi.gov to find their polling place. They can also stop by the help desk in R45 and Student Services will help answer any questions and find polling locations.

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