Professional Preparation for Your Student

November 23, 2015

You and your student’s investment in a MIAD education is greatly appreciated.  We want your student to make full use of their education and their time here at MIAD.  MIAD is committed to assisting students develop skills, explore creative interests and successfully transition to creative professions. Their very pursuit of a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree is the simultaneous pursuit of a profession; The BFA as compared to a BA (Bachelor of Arts) is considered a professional degree.

To assist your student in obtaining their BFA and achieving their professional goals, MIAD’s Advising and Career Services staff along with faculty have created a Professional Preparation Plan. This is a guide or check-list designed to help them learn how to get the most from their classes, use the services and resources available to them, and participate in activities and events that promote professional development.

The Professional Preparation Plan is customized for each of your student’s four years at MIAD.  There are suggestions, advice and tips for each year: Foundations (freshmen), Sophomore, Junior and Senior year.

Every item on this Professional Preparation Plan check-list may not be applicable to each student.  However, in its entirety this plan will help your student make the most of their MIAD experience.  The more your student accounts for and actively accomplishes the items listed in this plan, the more their professional goals will become a reality.

The Professional Preparation Plan is intended to be used independently by your student as well as collaboratively with their MIAD advisor.  When your student meets with their advisor, we strongly encourage them to discuss this Professional Preparation Plan.

We want your student to be successful at MIAD and ultimately successful as a creative professional.  This Professional Preparation Plan can help.  Click on this Professional Preparation Plan to review.

Michelle Gross, Duane Seidensticker, Christina WickHeiser
MIAD Advising and Career Services

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