New academic minors at MIAD expand career opportunities for students

Chairs designed by furniture design students

Did you know that MIAD offers 17 academic minors? A minor can help a student expand his or her skill set in a focused area of study. Minors are available in all five majors, as well as several liberal studies areas, including advertising, art history, business, copywriting, humanities, natural sciences, psychology and writing.

In the past couple of years, MIAD has added several new minors as well, including the majors detailed below.

Arts Management
The first classes for this minor are happening this semester. The Arts Management minor prepares students to lead and manage arts organizations and events. Courses allow students to explore the theory, practice, knowledge and culture necessary to managing individual practices, community arts organizations, traditional and experimental art spaces, museums, galleries and nonprofit groups.

Book Arts
The Book Arts minor offers students a wide-ranging set of experiences within the broad definitions of a book. In an introductory class, students explore a variety of binding and folding techniques that incorporate interdisciplinary processes and utilize a variety of media. Then students use a variety of required and/or elective courses to complete a focused minor in book arts that fits their interests and skills.

Digital Media Production
The Digital Media Production minor is perfect for a student with a passion for storytelling. The minor allows students to explore the production process, from concept to completion in a variety of applications and media. Through one focused required class and then selecting four elective courses from a broad list, students build a set of experiences that match closely with their career goals and interests. Students gain an understanding of professional practices and issues related to the real-world employment market of filmmaking, animation, video games and sequential storytelling.

Furniture Design
This cross-disciplinary minor is ideal for students interested in designing and building well-crafted, modern furniture. Students learn the core principles of woodworking, joinery and fabrication, as well as more exploratory bending and forming techniques. Students embrace all phases of the design-build process from conception to completion.

Learn more about academic minors at MIAD.

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