How to Offer Support to Your Student During Midterms

November 8, 2018

Midterm reports are a way to reflect on the past eight weeks of the academic year, celebrate and recalibrate.

This time of year can also produce anxiety, homesickness and uncertainty. At MIAD, academic advising supports the personal and the academic growth of each student. We are here to support and be a part of their holistic success.

You can support your student’s success, too. Here are some tips from MIAD’s Advising Office on ways you can support your student at any academic level:

  1. Valuable check-in: Allow your student to feel in control. Ask, “What do you think are the joys and woes of college right now?” Observe what their focus is. In either instance, you can follow up with asking, “What do you think you are doing successfully? Who can help support you on campus?” These questions allow your student to reflect on what they can control and/or change to be more successful.
  2. Anticipate a bit of anxiousness: If your student is a senior, the reality has set in that they have one more semester before they transition to the professional world full-time. If your student is a sophomore or junior, they may be considering switching majors or finding an internship opportunity. First-year students, for the first time, may realize that studio classes are nothing like high school coursework. Ask your student to reach out for these issues:
    1. Emotional support: Associate Dean of Students, Jennifer Crandall (
    2. Advising support: Your student’s advisor or the Director of Advising, Alea Cross (
    3. Tutoring support: The Learning Resource Center (LRC) or the Coordinator of Learning Services, Cathryn Wilson (
    4. Roommate/Living Issues: Director of Residential Living and Student Activities, Marianne Di Ulio ( )
    5. Career Development: Assistant Director of Career Services Activities, Christina WickHeiser (
  3. Encourage your student to meet their advisor: Midterm reports were emailed to all students by October 19. This allows students time to formulate a sustainable success plan, activate it and prepare for Spring Registration (spring registration begins November 12).

Thank you for being a part of your student’s journey!


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