Checking In With Your Student – What to Discuss?

MIAD Advising supports the personal and the academic growth of each student, new and returning.

Now is a moment for students to reflect: How am I adjusting to college? While some may be adjusting seamlessly, others may need to make adjustments to be more successful while navigating homesickness and other anxiety-producing uncertainties. Alea Cross, Director of Advising MIAD’s Advising Office has tips for supporting your student at any level:

  1. Check in: Ask questions like, “What are the joys and woes of college right now?” and “What do you think you’re doing successfully?” These questions allow your student to reflect. Pay attention to the focus of their answers. Follow up with, “Who can help support you on campus?” to remind them of campus resources.
  2. Anticipate some anxiousness: For seniors, reality sets in that graduation is soon and they will enter the professional world. Sophomores and juniors may question their major or begin searching for a professional work opportunity. First-year students may just be finding out that college is quite different from high school. Suggest your student contact the following staff on campus, depending on their needs:
    1. Emotional support: Associate Dean of Students, Jennifer Crandall (
    2. Advising support: Student should contact their specific advisor or the Director of Advising, Alea Cross (
    3. Tutoring: Learning Resource Center (LRC) or Coordinator of Learning Services, Cathryn Wilson (
    4. Roommate/Living Issues: Director of Residential Living and Student Activities, Marianne Di Ulio (
    5. Career Development: Assistant Director of Career Services, Christina WickHeiser (

For any reason, feel free to refer your student back to MIAD Advising. We are here to support students and want to be a part of their holistic success.

Family support is key. Thank you for your investment in and support of your student.

2 thoughts on “Checking In With Your Student – What to Discuss?”

  1. I really appreciate getting this type of newsletter to help me understand what my MIAD student is up to without having to bug him as he begins his independent college life. It helps to form a picture of his day to day life and know what is happening in his new community without intruding. Thank you for the helpful suggestions here and also keeping me up to date on MIAD news.

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