Thanksgiving Break Discussion Topics

While your student is home for Thanksgiving, there are many important things you can discuss with them:


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and managing one’s physical and mental health is key to a successful academic experience, and learning how to balance school, work, and social life is essential.

Yet, the school year can be hectic, and students may fall out of healthy routines. Reminding your student of the resources available to them can help for when stress builds up or the unexpected happens.

  • All full-time MIAD students are provided free comprehensive health services at Marquette University’s Medical Clinic and short-term Counseling at Marquette’s Counseling Center.
  • Non-clinical counseling at MIAD: Hanna Hobson, Student Support Counselor, provides short-term emotional and personal counseling to students. Counseling support includes guidance with various mental health topics including stress management, anxiety and depression coping skills, mindfulness interventions, and more. The Student Support Counselor offers both individual sessions and group workshops.
  • MIAD’s Learning Resource Center provides tutoring, time management strategies, healthy lifestyle tips, and assistance with transition to college.
  • Students who benefitted from accommodations in high school or college because of a learning disability, physical or mental health condition, should contact MIAD’s Student Accessibility Counselor, Rebecca Skupien, to arrange for reasonable accommodations at MIAD.

For a complete listing of MIAD’s Health and Wellness Services and resources (including local pharmacies and clinics), please visit MIAD’s website.

If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Crandall, Associate Dean of Students (414-847-3344, or Hanna Hobson, Student Support Counselor (414-847-3349,


MIAD strongly believes in the value of study abroad and the unique educational experience it offers students. Our programs are rich, team-taught offerings linking cultural, historical and geographical explorations and research with personal studio investigations. Critical thinking and reflection are at the core of student work.

As communicators of the cultural world, artists and designers especially benefit from being aware of new possibilities and new ways of looking and understanding. Independence, global awareness, tolerance, self-sufficiency and resourcefulness are all desirable skills in life and the marketplace. Many employers see traits gained from international experience as a valued commodity in the professional world.

MIAD is currently accepting applications for a course in Florence, Italy. “Tracing the Italian Aesthetic: Botticelli and Brunelleschi to Ferragamo and Cattelan.”

Discuss with your student if study abroad is something they would like to participate in during their time at MIAD. If they have any questions, they can contact Jenny Krantz, Director of Creative Learning Opportunities, at


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  1. Just writing again to say how appreciative I am of these letters home. They are so informative, timely and helpful to us as parents of a MIAD student. Thank you very much and keep them coming! -Laurie Masuret-Baloun (Eamon Baloun’s mom)

  2. Great information and updates! Thank you. Will there be information coming regarding summer programs or internship opportunities?

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