Helping your student deal with stress

Students are almost through the Fall 2020 semester! This time of year can produce stress with workload demands, time-management challenges, and isolation while being away from home. At MIAD, students can find support for both personal and academic growth.

Here are some tips from MIAD’s Wellness Team on ways you can support your student at any academic level:

  1. Encourage your student to get involved! Becoming a part of a student group. Email for more information.
  2. Check-in with how they are feeling. How has their transition to college been going? Encourage them to reach out to staff members listed below if they are struggling.
  3. Ask about academic moments and instructors’ feedback. Finals are right around the corner. Explain how it can be useful to communicate with their teachers and ask for feedback on their progress.
  4. Consider a care package or schedule a virtual family call! There was no true Fall Break this year, and the stretch between Labor Day and Thanksgiving Break can be a long time to go without seeing loved ones.

If your student needs assistance or support, encourage them to reach out to our professional support staff:

  • Mental health support: Student Support Counselor, Hanna Hobson ( or Associate Dean of Students, Jennifer Crandall ( 
  • Accommodation support: Student Accessibility Coordinator, Becky Skupien ( 
  • Advising support: Your student’s academic advisor or the Director of Advising, Alea Cross ( 
  • Tutoring support: The Learning Resource Center (LRC) or the Coordinator of Learning Services, Cathryn Wilson (
  • MIAD Housing Support: Director of Residential Living and Student Activities, Marianne Di Ulio ( or Housing Coordinator, Matthew Stricker ( 

Career Development: Executive Director of Advising and Career Services, Duane Seidensticker (

2 thoughts on “Helping your student deal with stress”

  1. I have tried to send my daughter Jo Leu care packages…but everything has?been returned “undeliverable”.
    She lives at 159 N Jackson #411
    Milw wi 53202

    Do I have something wrong?



  2. Hi, Sara. We recommend that your student check if they have their address registered with USPS, they sometimes send parcels back. For any other questions, we encourage your student to reach out to Housing Coordinator, Matthew Stricker ( or Director of Residential Living and Student Activities, Marianne Di Ulio (

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