What to Know This Spring Semester

MIAD’s spring semester classes begin this week. Students are attending classes remotely, and are able to access facilities on campus such as studios and labs. The MIAD Innovation Center continues to work with clients virtually and plans are underway for the 2021 MIAD Senior Exhibition.

Updates to 2021 Spring Break Dates
In late fall, MIAD decided to adjust the Spring 2021 Academic Calendar to eliminate the traditional full-week Spring Break. In its place, five individual break days were placed in the academic calendar throughout the semester to reduce traveling.

In late December, a group of students came forward with a request to return Spring Break to a full week. MIAD conducted a survey to discover the comfort level of our student body to do so. With nearly 70% of our students responding, over 90% wanted to return to the full week.

With those results, MIAD decided to eliminate the individual break days and return Spring Break to the week of March 8–12. We encourage students, faculty and staff to continue to make smart choices throughout the semester – including wearing masks and maintaining social distancing – to protect the health of our community.

COVID-19 Testing
MIAD will continue on-campus COVID-19 testing once per week for the foreseeable future this semester, with 25% of students in MIAD-affiliated housing being tested each week. There is limited opportunity for additional MIAD students to get a test, based on availability. 

Throughout the Spring 2021 semester, MIAD also will provide transportation for students from MIAD to the COVID-19 testing site at Miller Park every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Students must schedule a ride in advance due to limited seating. More information is sent to students’ emails. 

On January 11, 2021, MIAD conducted 96 on-campus COVID-19 tests, with 0 positive results in the latest round of testing. To access the latest testing data at MIAD, visit the COVID-19 dashboard.

Important Dates and Deadlines for Spring
Check our blog post on important dates this spring for details on the academic calendar, the MIAD Holiday Sale and more.

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