A year in review: 2020–2021

This 2020–2021 school year has been an extraordinary year for MIAD and our students. Take a look back at a few accomplishments as we head into the summer.

1. MIAD receives national accolades. For the sixth consecutive year, Graphic Design USA magazine named MIAD a Top Design School and named Erin Gray ’22 and Carli Jordan ’21 on the Students to Watch list. 

2. Unstoppable students. First-year students share their experiences of starting college during the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Sweeping Milwaukee design awards. Communication Design students and recent alumni won all five Student Showcase awards in The Ninety Nine Adworkers Showcase.

4. Changing the board game industry. MIAD students Rocky Ho ’23 (Illustration) and Melvin Hood ’23 (Communication Design) collaborated with a local high school teacher to design and illustrate a new fantasy strategy game that aims to broaden cultural representation.

5. Solving pandemic challenges. MIAD students designed innovative concepts to make life better while facing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

6. Honoring women in Product Design. MIAD students Carli Jordan ’21 (Communication Design), Olivia Paul ’21 (Product Design) and Sophie Yufa ’21 (Communication Design) designed a series of posters and a booklet celebrating and recognizing pioneering women product designers.

7. Record illustration student honors. The Society of Illustrators has accepted a record five MIAD Illustration students and recent alumni to the organization’s 2021 Student Scholarship Competition.

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