Project Identity: Creative Writing & Ideation

This is where it all begins! You need to work through these creative writing challenges before you begin to turn your idea into a video. Your writing starts the entire process of ‘ideation’ or ‘brainstorming’ for the project. Just download the attached PDF document located at the end of this this page (Geography of Self), print it out and get started.

This is a critical stage in the project as it’s where you get the idea down on paper and obtain a sense of focus before we embrace the needed technology. Once the writing has been completed, use it as a guide to ‘shoot’ your video about your own personal identity. Trust the writing and try not to deviate from it, do what you can with the ideas you have. You will find through answering the questions that you have a lot to share. Being yourself and being honest will help you to tap the amazing ideas that lurk in your left and right hemispheres.

Geography of Self

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