Service Learning Symposium

Each year we hold a symposium that invites someone to MIAD.  These guests speak to the college community about the service work that they are doing.  We honor and hear from people who, in a variety of ways are making a positive influence on our community – locally and even internationally.  In addition, the faculty who have taught the service course over the past year nominate and elect one student who has exemplified the idea of service through her/his work – both in and out of the classroom.

Below you will find links which contain a brief synopsis of each symposium that we have sponsored.  Please note the diversity of our speakers and the many areas in which they work to make a difference.

2014 Symposium 2013 Symposium 2012 Symposium 2011 Symposium 2010 Symposium 2009 Symposium 2008 Symposium 2007 Symposium 2006 Symposium 2005 Symposium 2004 Symposium 2003 Symposium 2002 Symposium