Helping your student with their academic action plan

February 6, 2018

A note from Alea Cross, Director of Advising

As the spring semester is underway, Academic Advising is excited to support students in their academic planning to develop them as creative minds and emerging professionals.

This semester, advisors have shared an action plan guide with your student. This guide will assist your student in developing and setting academic, personal and professional goals for the semester. MIAD encourages your student to take time to reflect on their plan for the spring semester. As educators, we know academic success aligns with personal satisfaction. To equip students, we are challenging each student to proactively meet with their advisors about their academic action plan during 4-week reports.

As parents and family, MIAD encourages you to be a supporting advocate for assisting your student learn how to plan life proactively. How can you help?

Talk with your student, using these guided talking points. Ask your student:

  • When do you plan to meet/did you meet with your advisor?
  • How do you plan to maintain or increase your GPA?
  • What are your academic and personal goals and challenges?
  • Have you reflected on how you will be successful with both your academic and personal goals?

The importance of student success has been reflected in research addressing the challenges that shape young adults navigating college with effective decision-making skills. With advisors reaching out to students, we are performing a best practice that supports students being able to effectively plan for the future.

We encourage all students to:

  • Meet with their advisors at least 3 times per semester.
  • Proactively consider scheduling time in the Learning Resource Center for time-management support and tutoring.
  • Continue a working relationship with their advisor and the Career Services Office for career planning.
  • Cultivate a mentoring relationship with faculty to gain insight into their art and design practice.

For tips on how you can continue the support of your student adjusting to adulthood, consider reading Marjorie Savage’s You’re On Your Own (But I’m Here If You Need Me): Mentoring Your Child During the College Years.

Also, download MIAD’s Creating an Action Plan PDF.


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