An Overview of Advising from Alea Cross

Greetings, MIAD Parents!

Here at MIAD, advising supports students holistically.

With an advisor, your student considers time management and optimization, their goals as future artists and designers and their personal development as they begin “adulting.”

Meeting with their advisor is essential to your student’s academic success and leveraging professional and academic opportunities. Here are tips from our advising team to help you support your student:

For Parents of First-Year Students

Ask your student when they plan to meet with their First-Year Experience (FYE) Advisor.

Follow up with your student and ask about what that first meeting was like.

Review the Getting Involved page on MIAD’s website.

For Parents of Continuing Students (Sophomores through Seniors)

Your student is already deep in the process of sorting out their personal and professional lives! Please encourage them to meet with their advisor to start setting goals toward:

  • Professional experiences
  • Elective courses that will complement their major and career goals
  • Professional portfolio development
  • Study abroad options
  • Academic goals

In addition:

  • Ask your student when they plan to meet with their Majors Advisor.
  • Follow up with your student and ask about how the meeting with their advisor went.

As the Director of Advising and support to all students, I keep an open-door policy. Please encourage your student to stop by the advising office if they have questions or concerns about their experience. Have a question on how to support your student? Send an email to

Have a wonderful start to the fall semester as a family!

2 thoughts on “An Overview of Advising from Alea Cross”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for communicating all of these great things about MIAD!
    I have a MIAD senior this year and I hear many things from her, but not all of these success stories. Thank you, again.
    I will be asking who her new advisor is- Phil Belair was her advisor until this year.

    I am interested in the 2019 graduation – I know it is May 11th at the Pabst Theatre.
    Can you share some general information like typical time of day for the event & how many guests we can invite?
    Planning ahead…..& of course my daughter is busy with internships & daily schoolwork & feels May is far off. I feel it is coming quickly.
    I appreciate anything you can share.
    Margaret Vranes

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