What you need to know about the 2021 MIAD Senior Exhibition

Every year, the MIAD Senior Exhibition showcases the culminating work of MIAD graduating seniors. Using their creative problem-solving skills, technology expertise and innovation, students in all academic majors create work that addresses different challenges. 

Each academic major approaches the Senior Exhibition/Senior Thesis differently. Students in Communication Design, Product Design, New Studio Practice: Fine Arts and Interior Architecture and Design have already begun working on their senior thesis projects. For example, Communication Design students have already picked their topics and are moving into the research phase of their projects. Illustration students start on their projects in the spring semester. 

Seniors work with a select group of professionals throughout the entire process, in addition to their senior thesis faculty. They meet periodically to provide in-depth, graduate-level critique, feedback and support. 

The cost of each project varies depending on the major and project. Students have the choice of determining what materials they need for their project.

Estimated thesis project costs for each major: 

  • Communication Design: Average $350 (Ranges from $250-$850) 
  • Illustration: Average $500 (Ranges from $250-$1,000) 
  • Interior Architecture and Design: Average $200 (Ranges $250-$350)
  • New Studio Practice: Fine Arts: Average $500 (Ranges $100-$1,000)
  • Product Design: Average $1,500 (Ranges from $1,000-$2,000)

The decision of whether the MIAD 2021 Senior Exhibition will be in-person or virtual will be determined at a later date.

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