How your student can prepare to declare a major

Major Declaration Day is November 4 and First-Year Experience (FYE) students must declare a major soon. At this event, your student can declare their major of choice and begin to interact with Department Chairs, other students and alumni with a more intentional focus and direction. 

Before that day, FYE students should research and reflect on what path they want to take.

This semester, students received a Professional Preparation Plan (PPP) guidebook and a Careers in Art & Design booklet. These resources not only help them consider the journey of their academic engagement, but also how they can begin career development as an aspiring professional.

Feel free to read the provided academic and career development materials, and use them as a conversation starter to inquire:

  • What mediums are you using in class? Which do you like the best?
  • Have you identified your skills and interests both inside and outside the classroom?
  • Have you begun researching the majors and occupations related to degrees offered at MIAD?

Faculty and staff have crafted videos about the majors that we encourage you and your student to view:

Communication Design
Interior Architecture and Design
New Studio Practice: Fine Arts
Product Design

If your student has questions about academic programs or career options, they can contact:

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