Updates on Thanksgiving break, and the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters

Fall 2020 semester
Thanksgiving Break is coming up and the spring semester is right around the corner. No classes will be held November 23-27 and the building will be closed November 26-27. To promote safety before students travel home, MIAD will have limited COVID-19 testing on November 16; students were sent a survey to request a test for the 16th

Classes resume on November 30 and continue through December 18. MIAD’s academic building will be open for the last three weeks of classes, and students will have limited access between semesters. 

Students wanting building access after Thanksgiving break need to have a COVID test at MIAD on November 30; students were sent a survey to request a test for the 30th. The last day for on-campus COVID testing is November 30. If a student’s travel plans do not allow them to take a COVID test on the 30th, please have them contact Mark Fetherston to discuss alternatives.

All MIAD housing (Two50Two and MIAD-affiliated off-site units) will be open during Thanksgiving Break, the last three weeks of classes, and through Winter Break. Because all MIAD housing is through a third-party lease, students always have access to their apartments. 

Spring 2021 semester
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, MIAD continues to focus on the safety and well-being of its community in the Spring 2021 semester, which starts on January 11. If cases in Wisconsin continue to rise, more restrictions may be required at the start of next semester, including additional limitations on access to the building. MIAD will continue to be dynamic and will adjust accordingly, just as we have done this fall. 

In spring MIAD aims to continue providing students, faculty and staff safe access to the facility and labs. Faculty will continue to focus on creating robust online learning experiences and, when possible, will provide opportunities for in-person engagement. Some classes will be fully online—particularly those in Writing, Art History, Sciences and Humanities. There also will be several short breaks throughout the semester in lieu of a traditional weeklong spring break. Specific dates will be announced soon.

As always, MIAD thanks you for the support you give not only to your student, but also to MIAD, through this challenging and complex time. We appreciate trusting your student’s educational experience to MIAD.

4 thoughts on “Updates on Thanksgiving break, and the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters”

  1. Dear MIAD friends,
    Thank you for continuing teaching and learning this semester. Emma’s college experience is nothing like we expected, but we are thankful she can be in Milwaukee and have access to the building and some sense of the creative experience that comes with attending art school.

    As we prepare for Emma to come home, we are wondering when she will get her test results back. In Michigan, results are taking longer and longer as the numbers continue to climb. Our holidays will be different this year, and we are hoping to have at least our family of 4 together, but if Emma gets a positive test result, we may have to consider alternatives.

    Thank you again for all you are doing to keep students healthy and on track with their learning,
    Heidi Southard

  2. Hi, Heidi. Thanks for your message. Students getting a COVID test on Nov. 16 should expect to receive their results within 1-2 days. This allows time for students to prepare to go back home safely and plan accordingly.

  3. Was wondering if the students grades are only in the computer system or can the students print out a copy? We need a copy specifically for car insurance reduced rate for good grades. Thanks!

  4. Hi Cari. Thanks for your question. Students are emailed a copy of their grades so they should be able to print them out.

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