Spring 2021: Mid-semester advising check-in

Spring Break is here, and you can encourage your student to finish the semester strong by engaging in a conversation about their experiences.

Questions for first-year students

The First-Year Experience curriculum at MIAD provides all first-year students with a basic foundation of skills and knowledge as they transition into their major.

  1. How are you managing time to finish projects?
  2. What are doing well to be successful in your classes?
  3. What are your challenges?
  4. How are you using the Learning Resource Center (LRC) as a tool for your academic success?
  5. What are you most excited about at MIAD?

Questions for sophomores, juniors and seniors

  1. How are you connecting class work to work you’d like to do professionally?
  2. What has given you more confidence since last semester?
  3. What is a challenge right now?
  4. As assignments and projects take up more of your time, how are you practicing self-care?
  5. How are you using campus labs for your projects and professional work?

Please remind your student to connect with their advisor after Spring Break to schedule their next advising session. Your student and their advisor will review midterms, revise success plans for completing the semester and start the process of Fall 2021 registration.

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