How to support your student at the end of the semester

The last weeks of the semester are busy and can be stressful for your student. There are final projects to create, papers to write and the stress of meeting final critiques and deadlines. How can you best support your student during this time?

Listen. If your student calls or texts you and needs to vent, let them. Listen and offer words of encouragement. Refer them to the Learning Resource Center or wellness resources if they are struggling.

Don’t call too much. Remember, this is a busy time for your student, so calling too often could add more stress. Check in and let your student know how proud you are of them—perhaps via a quick email or text.

Encourage good nutrition and hydration. While it’s easy to grab junk food when stressed, it’s important for students to make healthy choices, especially this time of year. Eating nutritious food can energize students and help with concentration and retention. The brain works best when hydrated, and staying hydrated can help students avoid fatigue and headaches.

Send a card or care package. This is a great time of year to send a card by regular mail or a care package to your student. It’s a great unexpected surprise that lets them know you care, and shows your support. Ideas for items to include in a care package include: food (especially homemade goodies or favorite snacks), personal items (such as toothpaste, lotions, etc.) or a gift card to the BLICK Art Materials store (for any last-minute art supplies needed for projects).

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