Project Identity @ the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts Riverfront (NOCCA), New Orleans, LA

Passion and dedication…
NOCCA’s Visual Arts faculty member Terry DeRoche helped to deliver Project Identity to Louisiana’s Arts Conservatory for High School Students with the same kind of dedication and focus that his students clearly demonstrated. I am still flabbergasted with the focus, ability and motivation of these young artists. They thrive in an environment that fully supports and nurtures their creative passions. Not only do the Visual and Media Arts abound at this jewel of ideation, but you will also find the same level of dedication in Dance, Music (Jazz, Classical, Vocal), Theatre, Creative Writing, Musical Theatre, Technical Theatre and even the Culinary Arts.
Over 100 public, private and parochial schools across Louisiana send students to NOCCA on a half-day basis, or for after-school programming. I found nothing less than a collegiate level of excellence throughout the entire institution and all at the secondary level. Just beyond the French Quarter, a beautifully converted cotton gin serves as the nurturing environment that even the torrents of Katrina couldn’t bring down; and it’s fully equipped to handle all of the students creative needs.
Project Identity was embraced by these young participants, as they gave nothing less than their best effort during our brief time together. Thanks again Mr. Terry! These students from NOCCA clearly demonstrated how effectively working together in a collaborative manner can be.

Merci and au revoir from the quarter,

James Barany
Associate Professor of Foundations

2 thoughts on “Project Identity @ the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts Riverfront (NOCCA), New Orleans, LA

  1. Karen

    As the mother of one of these NOCCA kids I can tell you what a lifesaver NOCCA is for this Community.
    Thanks for visiting.

  2. jbarany

    You are very welcome, and a sincere thank you to yourself, the students and Mr. DeRoche who made this all possible. It was difficult to leave NOCCA, due to the passion and intensity that the entire institution emanates.

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