Project Identity @ Zionsville Community High School, Zionsville, IN

Immensity and abundance…
zchsnewkids.jpgZionsville Community High School greeted Project Identity with an entire regiment of eager animators who drew feverishly during PI’s whirlwind tour through Indiana. Founded by the construction of a railway station on the northwestern fringe of Indianapolis lies the quaint village of Zionsville. This charming community hosts the booming 1,600 student population of ZCHS.
Barany works with students from ZCHS in Indiana

Visual Arts Chair Lisa Klaunig and her colleague Mandy Jared help to run an exceptional visual arts program who’s fundamentals delve between the foundations of Fine Art and Design. These amazing ZCHS students fueled PI’s mission of community and collaboration through the immense amount of work they created via the rotoscoping process. These students pounded out hundreds and hundreds of drawings, in just two days time.
Project Identity would like to thank Mrs. Klaunig for her hospitality, and the amazing work ethic that her students resonated throughout the entire residency. Great things are happening in this program, in mass quantity and quality. Lastly, here’s a bit of press from the Indystar about PI’s visit to Zionsville.

From the speedy 500,

James Barany
Associate Professor of Foundations