Project Identity @ Community High School, Milwaukee Public Schools, Milwaukee, WI

Imbedded within a larger community…
Community High Schools focus on social justice, service learning, collaboration and the development of future leaders within their own program resonated throughout my entire visit. These core CHS values integrate seamlessly into the fundamental structure of Project Identity, and the dedicated students of this MPS charter didn’t fail to deliver. This might have been PI’s youngest and smallest group thus far, but they animated with focus and passion.
Surrounded by several varieties of fish, snakes and reptiles, PI survived its short stay at CHS as we turned their animal lab into an animation studio. Only in its fourth year this faculty led school might not have an imbedded administrative branch, but this had no affect on the developing sense of community and responsibility that thrives there. The students I worked with are proof of the professionalism that permeates within the student body of Community High’s 175.

A sincere thank you to Visual Arts Faculty Roxanne Mayeur (CEI alumna) for organizing and leading this fine group of devoted, life-long learners into the fabric of Project Identity.

On, in and from Wisconsin,

James Barany
Associate Professor of Foundations