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September 4, 2020

In compliance with MIAD’s COVID-19 Reopening plan to de-densify the college, Student Services is providing our services to students virtually (online, phone and Google Meets) with the exception of in-person crisis response teams.

There are two teams of Student Service staff who are at MIAD to respond to crisis situations and to meet in-person with students who are emotionally distressed. 

Calming rooms (RL95 and RL45C) are available Monday – Friday to students on campus who are emotionally distressed, so they can meet with support staff.  

Resource guides available to students: 

All tutoring services have moved to an online format for the semester. Students can check the Learning Resource Center (LRC) Moodle page to sign up for tutoring or find other resources. 

MIAD works to support students and their education to the fullest extent. Read questions you can ask your student during this time and provide them with the resources above.

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