MIAD Advising: End of Semester Check-In

MIAD advising is here to support your student in their personal and academic growth, as well as their career exploration. It is important for them to reflect on what being a college student means to them. Encourage them to use this break to think about things such as:

  • What study habits were working well? What didn’t work?
  • How was my time management and organization?
  • Did I reach out to my professors, instructors and advisor with questions? How can I incorporate them into my study strategies and utilize them as resources?
  • What type of career questions do I have? Utilize the Professional Preparation Plan (PDF) as a guideline to begin/continue this discussion with your advisor. 
  • Do I feel as though I have ways to de-stress?
  • What are my academic goals for the spring 2022 semester?
  • How can I utilize the MIAD resources? Have them review the Guide to Campus Resources to learn how to contact for academic advising, career development, disabilities and accommodations, equity & inclusion support, financial aid, housing, tutoring and mental and emotional support services.

Remind your student that it is never too early to begin these conversations and that it is okay to reach out for support. We are all here to help and want to see your student succeed!

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