Project Identity @ Neenah High School, Neenah, WI

Power in numbers….
Just off the northern shores of mighty lake Winnebago lies Neenah High School, with its massive population of 2,500 students. Project Identity was warmly hosted by faculty member Jody Harrell. With the assistance of her cohorts, Mrs. Harrell and NHS was able to deliver the largest population of participants thus far for the collaboration. It was a mad, crazy, focused frenzy of productivity for an entire two days as the students at NHS produced more animation than any other program to date.
The dynamic art program at NHS delivers both quantity and quality to nearly 1,000 students enrolled in their visual programming. MIAD’s relationship with this blooming program continues to strengthen and grow, just as their impressive student artwork does that was visible in all of the visual art studios. It was easy to observe that creativity blooms throughout this phenomenal program. Both the visual art and drama students at NHS worked together helping to plow through nearly 500 drawings producing nearly a full minute of animation during PI’s residency.

A sincere thank you to Mrs. Harrell, her fellow faculty, and all of the students who gave it their ‘all’ for two intense days of controlled chaos!

In continuum,

James Barany
Associate Professor of Foundations

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  1. Anonymous

    I took part in this, and it was absolutely amazing!

    Thank you for involving NHS in such a great experience!

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