Project Identity @ Chilton High School, Chilton, WI

Loyal to you Chilton High…
Back in the 80’s this is the place where it all began for Professor Barany, down in the bellows of Chilton High Schools visual art department. The old CHS campus and many of Barany’s exceptional faculty are now retired, but CHS is thriving with remarkable new faculty and a fantastic modern facility.
Professor Barany promised his old art instructor, Mr. Randy Sarasin, that someday he would bring the knowledge and technology needed for animation back to CHS. It took Barany 20 years to keep his promise, but the debt was payed-off this week with the presentation of PI to the creative workaholics at CHS. Mrs. Jane Schmitz now heads the visual component at Barany’s alma mater, and she wonderfully offers a diversified curriculum to her motivated students. Traditional through technological media offerings challenge her students as they work through 2D, 3D and even 4D principles at CHS.

Chilton should be proud that the strength of the Sarasin legacy is now in continuum through the commitment and diversity that Mrs. Schmitz now brings to the CHS community. PI would also like to acknowledge the passion of Barany’s primary art instructor, Mrs. Judy Sarasin at the Chilton Elementary & Middle School. Mrs. Sarasin’s devoted a great deal of her life’s work to the Chilton community by sharing her passion for the arts with the children of the area since 1972 – thank you for everything!

Vielen dank for the sentimental journey!

James Barany
Associate Professor of Foundation